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Shri Maan 108 Saint Mahesh Muni Ji (Bore Wale)

Our most respected Shri Maan 108 Saint Mahesh Muni Ji was born on Jeth Sudhi Panchmi Bikrmi 1982 in a small village Jhanduke (Now in Mansa) which is situated in Bhatinda. His father's name was Santa Singh and his mother's name was Kako Kaur. He belonged to a well reputed and religious family. He gained popularity among people at early age because he did not only deliver sermons but also acted upon what he preached. People were very impressed by his simple living and high thinking. Because of wearing Bori Wala Chola, he became famous as BoreWale Saint. He lead so simple life which was visible from your appearance. His followers belong to all religions. 75 Gaushalas, 22 Gurudwaras, Mandirs, Kutias and schools etc. are being operational under his able guidance but he did not demand anything from his followers. He did not take interest in this materialistic world. So he doesn't own any property and doesn't have any bank account. Persons like him are unique in this world. As we know Saints are considered as God. Saint Mahesh Muniji was one of such saints.